Pe Min Gan Wan

Pe Min Gan Wan

$ 15.00

200 pills per bottle

Directions and Suggested Usage: Take 8 pills three times a day.

Translation: “Nasal Susceptibility Pill”

Ingredients: Magnolia (Xin Yi Hua), Ligusticum (Gao Ben), Akebia (Mu Tong), Cimicifuga (Sheng Ma), Ligusticum (Chuan Xiong), Angelica (Bai Zhi), Ledebouriella (Fang Feng), Asarum (Xi Xin), Glycyrrhiza (Gan Cao)

Indication: For sinus congestion and seasonal allergies with nasal stuffiness, with symptoms such as white and clear discharge, aversion to cold and sneezing.

Note: To be used for 1 week. Caution during pregnancy.

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